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About Bill Kuwik, LMT


Neuromuscular Therapy - treats chronic pain syndrome, TMJ, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, sciatica, back and shoulder pain, neck pain, hands and feet

Myofascial Release - treats chronic pain due to injury and overuse, connective tissue stretching, postural problems, TMJ, headache, back, neck, hips, shoulders

Craniosacral Therapy - balances muscular and nervious systems, helps with learning problems, headaches and scoliosis

Bill has completed 23 advanced seminars in these and other specialties.


Graduate, New York Institute of Massage, 1995

Bachelor of Science, Kent State University, 1985


Bill has been interested in holistic health all of his adult life. An interest in diet - health and food healing - led him to study with Dr. Allan Wasil of Akron, OH, in addition to studying the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, pioneer in iridology and nutrition. Bill also studied homeopathy with Dr. Shafer of Lancaster County, PA.

An organic agriculturalist, Bill understands the relationship between quality soils, quality produce, quality health, and cellular nutrition. Bill received massage therapy for several years during his early farming days. Then, after a life-changing boating accident, he decided to become trained and licensed to help others with this most natural, intuitive healing art.

Bill has also studied organic farming with Eliot Coleman and growing medicinal and gourmet mushrooms with Paul Stamets. He lives on the outskirts of Fredonia where he operates a small organic farm.

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